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Twinky (ej svensk text)

Age-gap romantic comedy, 1960s style, starring Charles Bronson and Susan George. Scott (Bronson) is a middle-aged American author of erotica living in the UK. He meets and falls for Twinky (George) - a sprightly, beautiful young woman of 'almost 20'.

Despite the age gap, things go smoothly and the two lovers soon elope to Scotland to tie the knot. Twinky's parents are less than enamored of the idea - primarily because Twinky is not 20 - she's 16. Scott tries to make things work though, and takes Twinky back to New York to meet his friends who are also sceptical of the affair's authenticity.

The cast is practically a who's who of '60s British film including Jack Hawkins, Robert Morley and Trevor Howard. 'Twinky' portrays the swingin' view of London fashionable abroad at the time and was one of many reasonably successful films Bronson starred in during his European phase.

Svensk titelTwinkie
Alternativ titelLola / Child Bride
SkådespelareCharles Bronson
Orson Bean
Honor Blackman
Michael Craig
Paul Ford
Jack Hawkins
Trevor Howard
Lionel Jeffries
Kay Medford
Robert Morley
Susan George
Peggy Aitchinson
Tony Arpino
RegissörRichard Donner
LjudDolby Digital 1.0
Speltid1 tim 30 min
Åldersgräns11 år
Antal skivor1
BolagNetwork UK

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