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To Live And Die In L.A.

William L. Petersen (Manhunter, CSI) and Willem Dafoe (Spider-Man) face off in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this riveting action-thriller from the Oscar®-Winning Director of The French Connection. Full of flash, style and grit, this raw tale of corruption and revenge features one of the most harrowing car chases ever caught on film and a shockingly explosive ending.

Federal Agent Richard Chance (Petersen) has a score to settle, and he's through playing by the rules. Whether that means blackmailing a beautiful parolee, disobeying direct orders or hurtling the wrong way down a crowded freeway, he vows to take down a murderous counterfeiter (Dafoe) by any means necessary. But as the stakes grow higher, will chance's obsession with vengeance ultimately destroy him?

Svensk titelÄnglarnas Stad
OriginaltitelTo Live And Die In L.A.
SkådespelareWilliam Petersen
Willem Dafoe
John Pankow
John Turturro
Debra Feuer
Darlanne Fluegel
Dean Stockwell
Steve James
Robert Downey Sr.
Dwier Brown
Christopher Allport
RegissörWilliam Friedkin
BildformatWidescreen 1.85:1 Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital 5.1 (Engelska, Franska), Dolby Digital 2.0 (Tyska, Italienska, Spanska, Polska)
SpråkEngelska, Tyska, Franska, Italienska, Spanska, Polska
TextningFranska, Italienska, Spanska, Holländska, Svenska, Finska, Norska, Portugisiska, Grekiska, Slovenska, Kroatiska, Engelska för hörselskadade, Tyska för hörselskadade
Speltid1 tim 51 min
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1

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