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The Roberto Rossellini & Ingrid Bergman Collection (Limited Edition Numbered) (ej svensk text) (Blu-ray)

Collection of films by Roberto Rossellini starring Ingrid Bergman. In the Second World War drama 'Stromboli' (1950), Lithuanian refugee Karen (Bergman) marries an Italian fisherman named Antonio (Mario Vitale) to escape from a prison camp. She is filled with romantic notions as her husband takes her to his home on the island of Stromboli but her dreams of an idyllic paradise are shattered by the reality of a barren, desolate landscape.

She finds herself frowned upon by the local women who are suspicious of the foreigner and decides to leave the island, but her plan to raise enough money for her departure involves seducing the local priest (Renzo Cesana). In 'Journey to Italy' (1954) wealthy English couple Katherine Joyce (Bergman) and her husband Alex (George Sanders) travel to Italy to sell a villa they have inherited. Far from their London home, Katherine confesses to having had a secret lover and finds her husband becomes even more distant with her; to such an extent that they decide to finish their holiday apart.

Whilst Alex enjoys the company of other expatriates on the island of Capri, Katherine tours around the sights of Naples and Pompeii. However, the different events they experience begin to bring the couple back together. In 'Fear' (1954) Irene Wagner (Bergman) has an affair with Erich Baumann (Kurt Kreuger) while her husband, the prominent German scientist Professor Albert Wagner (Mathias Wieman), is out of town.

Despite her infidelity, she is still madly in love with her husband and is tormented by guilt and fears him discovering her illicit affair. Her increasing anxiety is compounded when Erich's jealous ex-lover Johann (Renate Mannhardt) discovers their secret and blackmails her, sending Irene into a suicidal rage.

Svensk titelOtrohet / Resan Till Italien / Stromboli
OriginaltitelNon credo più all'amore (La paura) / Viaggio in Italia / Stromboli
Alternativ titelFear / Journey To Italy / Stromboli Land of God
SkådespelareIngrid Bergman
Mario Vitale
Renzo Cesana
Mario Sponza
George Sanders
Maria Mauban
Paul Muller
Leslie Daniels
Mathias Wieman
Renate Mannhardt
Kurt Kreuger
Elise Aulinger
Edith Schultze-Westrum
RegissörRoberto Rossellini
Inspelningsår1954 / 1953 / 1950
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen 1.33:1
LjudPCM 1.0 Mono
SpråkEngelska, Italienska
Speltid1 tim 23 min / 1 tim 26 min / 1 tim 40 min
GenreDrama, Boxar
  • Newly restored presentations
  • Bergman & Magnani: The War of the Volcanoes (Francesco Patierno, 2012, 54 mins): documentary charting the scandal of the Magnani-Rossellini-Bergman love triangle
  • Ingrid Bergman at the National Film Theatre (Chris Mohr, 1981, 37 mins): archival Guardian interview
  • Living & Departed (Tag Gallagher, 2013, 19 mins): a visual essay by film scholar Tag Gallagher
  • Viaggio in Italia (Roberto Rossellini, 1954, 83 mins): the alternative, Italian cut of Journey to Italy
  • Journey to Italy audio commentary with filmmaker and academic Laura Mulvey (2003)
  • Alternative Journey to Italy audio commentary with film scholar Adrian Martin (2007)
  • My Dad is 100 Years Old (Guy Maddin, 2005, 18 mins): Isabella Rossellini's playful tribute to her father.
  • The Machine That Kills Bad People (Roberto Rossellini, 1952, 85 mins): a fascinating film that reflects Rossellini's transition from neo-realism to the more poetic films he made with Bergman.
  • Fully illustrated booklet featuring new writing by Tag Gallagher, Adriano Aprà, Laura Mulvey, Peter Bondanella and Paul Fairclough, and full film credits.
Åldersgräns7 år
Antal skivor3

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