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Real Genius

When a group of crazy college geniuses put their head together almost anything can happen. Hold on for a free-wheeling, uproarious look at just how much mischief a bunch of high IQers can concoct.

Chris (Val Kilmer) is the top brain who just wants to party, Mitch (Grabe Jarret) is the 16 year-old-whiz-kid, and Lazlo (Jonathan Gries), America's number one brain, literally lives in a world of his own... Chris' closet. Supposedly hard to work on a lab project, they still find time to turn the dorm into an ice skating rink, dismantle a nerd's car and re-assemble it in his room, and throw a beech party in the auditorium complete with a lagoon and bikini-clad beauties.

When the geniuses discover that their unscrupulous mentor Professor Hathaway (William Atherton) has had them working on a secret weapon for the military, they plot an elaborate revenge. Their plan culminates in an incredible scheme that outsmarts the military and convinces the professor that it doesn't pay to fool with a Real Genius.

Svensk titelSnilleskolan
OriginaltitelReal Genius
SkådespelareVal Kilmer
Gabriel Jarret
Michelle Meyrink
William Atherton
Jon Gries
Patti D'Arbanville
Stacy Peralta
Daniel Ades
Ed Lauter
Beau Billingslea
RegissörMartha Coolidge
BildformatWidescreen 2.35:1 Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital 2.0 (Engelska, Italienska), Dolby Digital 1.0 (Franska, Spanska, Tyska)
SpråkEngelska, Italienska, Franska, Spanska, Tyska
TextningArabiska, Bulgariska, Tjeckiska, Danska, Holländska, Engelska, Finska, Franska, Tyska, Grekiska, Hebreiska, Hindi, Ungerska, Isländska, Italienska, Norska, Polska, Portugisiska, Spanska, Svenska, Turkiska
Speltid1 tim 42 min
Åldersgräns11 år
Antal skivor1

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