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Pope of Greenwich Village (ej svensk text)

Turn up the Sinatra, put on a leather jacket, and slit into a rollicking, high-voltage movie that produces tears of laughter. Mickey Rourke ("The Rainmaker"), Eric Roberts ("Runaway Train") and Daryl Hannah ("Splash") create emotion-charged characters who tingle with energy and play with conviction in this modern-day classic that's as robust and powerful as Italian espresso!

In New York's Little Italy, smooth-talking hustler Charlie (Rourke) works in a restaurant and dreams of one day buying his own with his girlfriend Diane (Hannah). His wiry wheeler-dealer cousin Paulie (Roberts) waits tables, skims money off checks and is always scheming to score big. But they're all about to pull a scam on the wrong guy – Bed Bug Eddie (Burt Young, "Rocky"), the Mafia king of Greenwich Village!

Now these small-time con men are in big-time trouble – trouble so big that even their mobster uncle might not be able to save them!

Svensk titelDen Stora Stöten
Originaltitelthe Pope of Greenwich Village
Alternativ titelVillage Dreams
SkådespelareEric Roberts
Mickey Rourke
Daryl Hannah
Geraldine Page
Kenneth McMillan
Burt Young
M. Emmet Walsh
Val Avery
Jack Kehoe
Joe Grifasi
Tony Musante
RegissörStuart Rosenberg
BildformatWidescreen 1.85:1
LjudDolby Digital 1.0
SpråkEngelska, Franska, Tyska, Italienska, Spanska
Speltid1 tim 56 min
  • Trailer
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1

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