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La Dolce Vita (ej svensk text)

Perhaps his most famous film, La Dolce Vita, slices into the decadent amoral core of Roman society with Fellini's trademark attention to detail and spectacular photography.

Marcello Mastroianni plays a gossip columnist (the term "paparazzi" derives from a character in the film) who aspires to be a more serious writer but knows he never will be, because like society, he is fascinated by the decadent hedonistic pursuits which are screamingly everywhere.

The Vatican was appalled by the film, but the public adored it, relishing the images Fellini fed them, most notably the now infamous scene of Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg frolicking in the Trevi Fountain.

This is a spectacular morality play which has lost none of its relevance in today's celebrity obsessed world.

La Dolce Vita won the Canne Palme d'Or in 1960, the 1962 Oscar® for Best Costume Design as well as picking up nominations for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Art Direction.

Svensk titelDet Ljuva Livet
OriginaltitelLa Dolce Vita
Alternativ titelthe Sweet Life
SkådespelareAnita Ekberg
Marcello Mastroianni
Yvonne Furneaux
Anouk Aimée
Alain Cuny
Annibale Ninchi
Magali Noël
Riccardo Garrone
Valeria Ciangottini
Audrey McDonald
RegissörFederico Fellini
BildformatWidescreen Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital 1.0
Speltid2 tim 46 min
  • Exclusive interview with Anita Ekberg
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1

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