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Kings And Queen (ej svensk text)

Arnaud Desplechin is one of France’s most inspired filmmakers. His new film, KINGS AND QUEEN (Rois et Reine), premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year. For this magnificent film, the French film journalists crowned Desplechin with the prestigious Prix Delluc and four 'Etoiles de la presse'. The film was also nominated in seven categories for the French Césars.

KINGS AND QUEEN is a rich film that tells two stories, converging on the life of two people, Ismaël and Nora, who on first glance seem to have nothing to do with each other.

Nora (Emmanuelle Devos), 35 years old, always charming and caring, has a 10-year-old son from her first husband - who committed suicide. She is divorced from the second husband Ismaël (Mathieu Amalric) and about to marry her third. She travels to Grenoble to take care of her dying father and to spend time with her silent son. Meanwhile, Ismaël, a sane but neurotic violinist, is flipping out. Having problems with tax collectors and his sister, he picks up some eccentric habits that land him temporarily in a mental institution, where he provokes the psychiatrist (Catherine Deneuve) and a young girl who is attracted by his behaviour. This is the moment when Nora comes to him with the question to that he should adopt her son Elias. From then on, Desplechin unveils more and more details about his characters Nora and Ismaël, who turn out to be quite different from what one expects.

In ROIS ET REINE, Desplechin explores the territory between comedy and tragedy and exhilaration and despair, and the permanent conflict that afflicts us all - the conflict between man and woman, father and child, life and death. The film’s romantic and emotional power is irresistible, and some of France's best actors deliver their best performances. It is impossible not to feel engaged.

Svensk titelKings And Queen
OriginaltitelRois Et Reine
SkådespelareEmmanuelle Devos
Mathieu Amalric
Catherine Deneuve
Geoffrey Carey
Thierry Bosc
Olivier Rabourdin
RegissörArnaud Desplechin
LjudDolby Digital 5.1
Speltid2 tim 26 min
GenreDrama, World Cinema, Fransk film
  • Interview with Arnaud Desplechin
  • Interview with Mathieu Amalric And Hippolyte Giradot
  • Filmographies
  • Theatrical Trailer
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1
BolagArtificial Eye UK

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