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Flame of New Orleans

In the mid-18th century, a wedding gown is found floating down the Mississippi River. Only three people know the secret of its damp origin, and the ripples of love lost and love found, rising and receding in its wake.

The impoverished Countess Claire Ledoux (Marlene Dietrich, "Morocco", "Judgment at Nuremburg") arrived in New Orleans with one thing on her mind – to marry a man of means. And with her engagement to gentleman Charles Giraus (Roland Young, "Topper"), it appeared to be smooth seas ahead... until Captain Robert Latour (Bruce Cabot, "King Kong") stormed into town, took the wind out of her sails and replaced it with a flutter in her heart.

Though it would take fainting spells and double identities to delay and disguise the truth, the Countess would discover that the greatest treasure of all – a heart of gold – is worth more than a pot of it.

Svensk titelFarlig Kvinna
Originaltitelthe Flame of New Orleans
SkådespelareMarlene Dietrich
Bruce Cabot
Roland Young
Andy Devine
Frank Jenks
Laura Hope Crews
Franklin Pangborn
Bob Evans
Anne Revere
Mischa Auer
Melville Cooper
RegissörRené Clair
BildformatFullscreen 1.33:1
LjudDolby Digital 1.0
TextningSvenska, Danska, Norska, Finska, Engelska, Tyska, Franska, Holländska, Tjeckiska, Ungerska, Polska
Speltid1 tim 16 min
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1

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