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Big Country (Blu-ray)

One of Hollywood's greatest directors teams with a cast of incredible screen legends for this bold, sweeping tale of a ship's captain who ventures west to find a hotbed of jealousy, hatred and dangerous rivalries. As the reluctant hero is thrust into the maelstrom, he must summon all of his resolve to save not only his own life, but also the life of the woman he loves.

Four-time Academy Award winner William Wyler directs this action-packed adventure that triumphs as a work of art. Starring Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Jean Simmons, Chuck Connors and Burl Ives (in an Oscar®-vinning performance), this magnificently entertaining epic will take your breath away with unbridled suspense, exhilarating excitement and explosive drama on a grand scale.

Svensk titelDet Stora Landet
Originaltitelthe Big Country
SkådespelareGregory Peck
Jean Simmons
Carroll Baker
Charlton Heston
Burl Ives
Charles Bickford
Alfonso Bedoya
Chuck Conners
Chuck Hayward
Buff Brady
Jim Burk
RegissörWilliam Wyler
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen 2.35:1
LjudDTS 2.0 HD MA (Engelska), DTS 2.0 (Spanska, Franska, Italienska, Tyska)
SpråkEngelska, Franska, Italienska, Spanska, Tyska
TextningSvenska, Danska, Norska, Franska, Tyska, Italienska, Japanska, Spanska, Holländska, Engelska för hörselskadade
Speltid2 tim 46 min
GenreDrama, Western
-Theatrical trailer
  • Fun in the Country
  • TV Spot
Åldersgräns7 år
Antal skivor1
BolagFox UK

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