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Bells of St. Mary's / Going My Way

Going My Way is a heartwarming and original film that captured seven Oscars® including Best Actor (Bing Crosby), Best Picture and Best Director. When young Father O'Malley (Crosby) arrives to join the congregation at an old established church, things get complicated. St. Dominic's crusty old Father Fitzgibbon (Barry Fitzgerald) doesn't think much of O'Malley or his ideas. These two priests simply can't agree. But when O'Malley's fresh methods succeed in reaching out to the neighborhood's toughest kids the community starts to change. The neighborhood becomes closer as the church's meaning grows dearer to their souls.

Blessed with Oscar®-nominated performances by Bing Crosby and Ingrid Bergman, this warm and witty comedy won the hearts of millions and earned an Academy Award® for it's director Leo McCarey. St. Mary's parochial school is in need of a miracle. It's run down from lack of repair. It's about to be closed down from lack of funds. And its students are in need of light-hearted relief from the guidance of their no-nonsense teacher, Sister Benedict. So when high-spirited father O'Malley arrives as the new parish priest, it's the answer to everyone's prayers. For the charming priest wages a good natured battle of wits to loosen the Sister's tight rein. And soon they are joined together to save the beleaguered school from closing its doors forever.

Svensk titelKlockorna i S:t Mary / Vandra Min Väg
Originaltitelthe Bells of St. Mary's / Going My Way
SkådespelareBing Crosby
Antal skivor1

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