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Beat Girl (ej svensk text) (Blu-ray + DVD)

Gillian Hills stars in the title role of this cult British drama that delves into the youth culture of the late 1950s. After wealthy architect Paul Linden (David Farrar) returns from Paris with his new wife Nichole (Noelle Adam), his wayward teenage daughter Jenny (Hills) rebels by throwing herself headlong into the London Beatnik scene. Jenny mixes with her hop-head friends in the coffee houses, bars and clubs of Soho, where smarmy strip club owner Kenny King (Christopher Lee) tries to seduce her into the glamorous dancing business. When an old friend of Nichole's reveals her dubious past to Jenny she uses the information to blackmail her new stepmother and embarrass her father. But as her behaviour grows increasingly wild and reckless the newlyweds are forced to intervene to put a stop to Jenny's unruly antics.

Svensk titelHänsynslös Ungdom
OriginaltitelBeat Girl
SkådespelareNoëlle Adam
Christopher Lee
Margot Bryant
Adam Faith
David Farrar
Shirley Anne Field
Claire Gordon
Nigel Green
Oliver Reed
Michael Kayne
Nikolaus Lehnhoff
Gillian Hills
RegissörEdmond T. Gréville
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen / Widescreen Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital
Speltid1 tim 25 min
  • Newly remastered in 2K and presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
  • Original theatrical version (87 mins) from the negative, preserved by the BFI National Archive
  • Alternative version (92 mins) (Blu-ray only)
  • Alternative sequences (3 mins) (DVD only)
  • Extended version (92 mins): featuring an additional sequences with David Farrar and Noëlle Adam
  • An interview with Gillian Hills (2016, 25 mins)
  • Cross-Roads (John Fitchen, 1955, 25 mins): supernatural short featuring Christopher Lee
  • Beauty in Brief (c.1955, 4 mins): forgotten saucy 1950s pin-up short
  • Goodnight with Sabrina (c. 1958, 3 mins): glamour short starring 1950s TV bombshell Sabrina, aka Norma Sykes
  • Illustrated booklet with new essays by Gillian Hills, Vic Pratt, Johnny Trunk and Jo Botting, and full film credits
Åldersgräns11 år
Antal skivor2
BolagBritish Film Institute

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