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Battleship Potemkin / Drifters (ej svensk text) (Blu-ray + DVD)

Double bill of silent features from the 1920s. 'Battleship Potemkin' (1925), masterpiece of Russian silent film pioneer Sergei M. Eisenstein, is a dramatised account of the naval mutiny and street riots at the sea port of Odessa that sparked off the 1905 Russian Revolution.

When the crew of the Potemkin protests after being given rotten meat as rations, the captain responds by ordering the execution of the dissidents. Outrage at this injustice quickly ignites and the townspeople have soon surrounded the harbour in a mass demonstration - but the scene gives way to tragedy and brutality as the authorities move in to quell the uprising. In British documentary 'Drifters' (1929), which was influenced by and originally screened alongside 'Battleship Potemkin' in the UK, director John Grierson looks at the North Sea herring fleets and the men who worked them.

The film pays particular attention to how the once traditional industry has become a more modern enterprise.

Svensk titelPansarkryssaren Potemkin / Drifters
OriginaltitelBattleship Potemkin / Drifters
SkådespelareGrigori Alexandrov
Vladimir Barsky
Aleksandr Antonov
Mikhail Gomorov
Sergei M. Eisenstein
I. Bobrov
Aleksandr Levshin
N. Poltavtseva
Konstantin Feldman
RegissörSergei M. Eisenstein
John Grierson
Inspelningsår1925 / 1929
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen / Widescreen Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital 5.1
SpråkInget tal
Speltid1 tim 50 min
GenreBoxar, Dokumentär, Drama, World Cinema
  • All films presented in both High Definition and Standard Definition
  • Battleship Potemkin presented in a new restoration by Film Museum Berlin and partners, accompanied by the 1926 Edward Meisel score.
  • Drifters presented in a new HD transfer, tinted and toned as originally intended, with a score by innovative composer/performer Jason Singh.
    Granton Trawler (John Grierson, 1934, 11 mins): Grierson's follow up to Drifters, one of the GPO Film Unit's first experiments with sound.
  • Trade Tattoo (Len Lye, 1937, 6 mins): celebratory animation made from off-cuts of EMB and GPO films, including Drifters and Night Mail.
  • North Sea (Harry Watt, 1938, 32 mins): dramatic reconstruction of sea farers' battle with the elements, produced by the GPO Film Unit.
  • Fully illustrated booklet with credits and essays by Henry K Miller, Patrick Russell and Michael Brooke.
Åldersgräns7 år
Antal skivor2
BolagBritish Film Institute

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