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Artificial Eye 40th Anniversary Collection: Volume 1 - British Cinema (ej svensk text) (Blu-ray)

Collection of four British dramas. In '45 Years' (2015), during the run-up to their 45th wedding anniversary, Kate (Charlotte Rampling) and Geoff Mercer (Tom Courtenay) are rocked by the news that the body of Geoff's former fiancée has been discovered in the Swiss Alps, 50 years after she disappeared on a walking holiday with Geoff. Although Kate knew of Geoff's first love he kept their engagement a secret.

As Geoff reminisces about his past and debates whether to fly to Switzerland to formally identify the body, his wife is left to re-evaluate their long relationship. While Kate finalises preparations for their anniversary party, she begins to delve deeper into her husband's past and makes new discoveries that threaten to spell the end for their 45-years of marriage. In 'The Deep Blue Sea' (2011) Rachel Weisz stars as a woman who leaves her husband and a socially prosperous life to pursue a love affair with a pilot.

Hester Collyer (Weisz) is married to a judge, William (Simon Russell Beale), and enjoys all the material comfort and social privilege that goes with such a role in 1950s England. However, when she meets Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston), a dashing young RAF pilot, Hester's world is turned upside down. She falls in love with Freddie and leaves her husband and her comfortable, if unexciting, life behind for him.

Will Freddie prove himself worthy of such devotion? In 'Fish Tank' (2009) 15-year-old Mia Williams (Katie Jarvis) lives with her single mother Joanne (Kierston Wareing) and younger sister Tyler (Rebecca Griffiths) in a run-down, East London council estate. Suspended from school, she fills her days searching for the next alcohol fix and hanging out in a derelict flat near her home. When her mother brings her new boyfriend Conor (Michael Fassbender) home to meet the girls, Mia soon finds herself attracted to him.

Unfortunately for all concerned, the feeling seems mutual... In 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' (2011) Tilda Swinton stars as Eva Khatchadourian, the afflicted and angst-ridden mother who fails to bond with her son Kevin (played at the various stages of his childhood by Rock Duer, Jasper Newell and Ezra Miller) from his birth onwards. Now estranged from her former husband Franklin (John C. Reilly), Eva struggles to deal with her grief, isolation and feelings of responsibility after Kevin's sociopathic behaviour reaches new heights with a high school killing spree.

Svensk titel45 År / the Deep Blue Sea / Vi Måste Prata Om Kevin / Fish Tank
Originaltitel45 Years / the Deep Blue Sea / We Need to Talk About Kevin / Fish Tank
SkådespelareCharlotte Rampling
Tom Courtenay
Geraldine James
Rachel Weisz
Tom Hiddleston
Simon Russell Beale
Michael Fassbender
Kierston Wareing
Katie Jarvis
Rebecca Griffiths
John C. Reilly
Tilda Swinton
Ezra Miller
Jasper Newell
Rock Duer
RegissörAndrew Haigh
Terence Davies
Andrea Arnold
Lynne Ramsay
Inspelningsår2009 /2011 / 2015
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen
LjudDTS-5.1 HD MA
GenreBoxar, Drama
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor4
BolagArtificial Eye UK

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