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Agnes Varda Collection (8-disc) (ej svensk text) (Blu-ray)

Collection of films by French director Agnès Varda. In 'Cleo from 5 to 7' (1962), while waiting for the result of a medical test French singer Cleo (Corinne Marchand) spends a couple of hours - shown in real time - wandering through the streets of Paris. Along the way she meets up with her lover and with her composers, visits her model friend Dorothee (Dorothee Blank), has a brief affair with a passing soldier, drinks coffee and buys a new hat with her maid before finally meeting up with her doctor to receive the diagnosis.

'Vagabond' (1985) tells the story of the final few weeks of the life of female drifter Mona (Sandrine Bonnaire), who feels incapable of participating in ordinary French society. Beginning with her death, the film presents Mona's final perambulations through the lives of various characters, all of whom offered different potential for escape. 'One Sings, the Other Doesn't' (1977) charts the friendship of two women against the backdrop of the feminist movement of the 1960s and '70s.

When middle-class teenager Pomme (Valérie Mairesse) helps her troubled 20-something neighbour Suzanne (Thérèse Liotard) to find the money for an abortion, a lifelong friendship between the two women ensues. In 'Jacquot De Nantes' (1992) the childhood of director Jacques Demy is recreated by his widow, Varda. Shot in black and white on location in Demy's childhood home, the film is intercut with actual footage of the young Demy and with scenes from his early films.

In 'La Pointe Courte' (1955), Varda's directorial debut, the semi-documentary explores the complexities of a marital relationship. Set against the backdrop of daily life in the Mediterranean fishing village of La Pointe Courte, the film follows young married couple Parisian Elle (Silvia Monfort) and local man Lui (Philippe Noiret) as they struggle to adapt to their changing lives after making the decision to move back to his birthplace. In 'The Gleaners and I' (2000) Varda examines the lives of those who live off-grid in France.

Gleaning is the act of gathering the leftovers from a harvest after the main, profitable crop has been taken away by the farmer. As well as examining the lives of gleaners, who subsist from the remnants of modern agriculture, Varda extends the metaphor to enquire about those who live by more modern forms of gleaning. In 'Le Bonheur' (1965) François (Jean-Claude Drouot), a happily-married carpenter with a young family, finds himself falling in love with telephone operator Emilie (Marie-France Boyer).

As he basks in the joy and passion of his new relationship, he finds that far from feeling alienated from his family, his feelings for them are actually enhanced and intensified. But when he tries to share his joyful discovery with his wife, her reaction is far from the delight that François hoped for. Finally, in 'The Beaches of Agnès' (2008) Varda relays her own story by employing a range of filmic techniques, including the re-staging of dramatic events in her life and the use of symbolic visual sets that combine to flesh out her thoughts and concepts, while at the same time giving an insight into her creative processes through the years.

Svensk titelLa Pointe Courte / Cléo Från 5 Till 7 / Min Lycka / L'une Chante L'Autre Pas / Vagabond / Lille Jacques Från Nantes / Efterskörd / Agnès Stränder
OriginaltitelLa Pointe Courte / Cléo De 5 à 7 / Le Bonheur / L'une Chante L'Autre Pas / Sans Toit Ni Loi / Jaequot De Nantes / Les Glaneurs Et La Glaneuse / Les Plages d'Agnès
Alternativ titelLa Pointe Courte / Cleo From 5 To 7 / Le Bonheur / L'une Chante L'Autre Pas / Vagabond / Jaequot De Nantes / the Gleamers And I / the Beaches Of Agnès
SkådespelareCorinne Marchand
Antoine Bourseiller
Dominique Davray
Dorothee Blank
Michel Legrand
Jose-Luis de Villalonga
Loye Payen
Renee Duchateau
Lucienne Marchand
Serge Korber
Robert Postec
Christophe Alcazar
Dominique Durand
Sandrine Bonnaire
Yolande Moreau
Setti Ramdane
Joel Fosse
Francis Balchère
Patrick Schmit
Jean-Louis Perletti
Patrick Sokol
Thérèse Liotard
Valérie Mairesse
Robert Dadiès
Mona Mairesse
Francis Lemaire
Ali Raffi
Gisèle Halimi
Jean-Pierre Pellegrin
Joëlle Papineau
Micou Papineau
Doudou Greffier
François Wertheimer
Philippe Maron
Edouard Joubeaud
Laurent Monnier
Jacques Demy
Brigitte De Villepoix
Daniel Dublet
Clément Delaroche
Rody Averty
Hélène Pors
Marie-Sidonie Benoist
Silvia Monfort
Philippe Noiret
Jean-Claude Drouot
Claire Drouot
Olivier Drouot
Sandrine Drouot
Marie-France Boyer
Marcelle Faure-Bertin
Manon Lanclos
Sylvia Saurel
Marc Eyraud
Christian Riehl
Paul Vecchiali
RegissörAgnès Varda
Bildformat1080p High Definition Widescreen
LjudDTS-5.1 HD MA
Speltid13 tim
GenreBoxar, Drama, Fransk film
  • Over 6 hours of speacial features including interviews, featurettes and short films
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor8
BolagArtificial Eye UK

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