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6th Day

Prepare for a high-tech sci-fi blast with double the Arnie and double the action!

In the not too distant future when cloning plants, pets, and human organs is accepted, a sinister corporation has begun illegally duplicating entire human beings. One night Adam Gibson (Arnold Schwarzenegger), old-fashioned family man and decorated fighter pilot, comes home to find his perfect life has been stolen by his clone. Suddenly plunged into a sinister world of murder, corruption and high-tech deception, he is torn from his family as relentless assassins desperately try to kill him to bury the evidence.

But this time they cloned the wrong man, and Adam will risk anything to reclaim his family and life.

From the director of Tomrorrow Never Dies, THE 6TH DAY also stars powerhouse actors Robert Duvall (Gone in 60 Seconds, Deep Impact) and Michael Rapaport (Deep Blue Sea, Cop Land).

Svensk titel6:e Dagen
Originaltitelthe 6th Day
Alternativ titelthe Sixth Day
SkådespelareArnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Rapaport
Tony Goldwyn
Michael Rooker
Sarah Wynter
Robert Duvall
Wendy Crewson
Rodney Rowland
Terry Crews
Jennifer Gareis
Colin Cunningham
RegissörRoger Spottiswoode
BildformatWidescreen 2.35:1 Anamorfisk
LjudDolby Digital 5.1
SpråkEngelska, Ungerska
TextningArabiska, Bulgariska, Tjeckiska, Danska, Holländska, Engelska, Finska, Grekiska, Hebreiska, Hindi, Ungerska, Isländska, Norska, Polska, Svenska, Turkiska
Speltid1 tim 58 min
GenreScience Fiction, Action
  • “The Future Is Coming” Showtime Making of Special
  • 9 Behind The Scenes Featurettes
  • Composer Commentary
  • 3 Storyboard Comparisons
  • 2 Animatronic (CGI Storyboards) comparisons
  • RePet Infomercial and TV spots
  • Filmographies
  • Theatrical Trailer
Åldersgräns15 år
Antal skivor1

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